About Kailua General Store

dashopkeeperGeneral stores of old served their local communities with what was needed for day-to-day life.  Kailua General Store carries both practical and light- hearted items that reflect the local surroundings and sentiments.

Shopkeeper Steven Parker, born and bred in Kailua, recognizes and collects things both amazing and amusing. Kailua apothecary, old time shaving soap, plantation days shave ice, bamboo fishing poles, 967tree4 classic tees, Kava, Hawaiian Honey, farm to table food items,  penny candy and toys too.

Like the myriad of products sold, Kailua General Store itself reminds in its design, built using recycled materials, of other well-known general stores from Hawai`i’s plantation days.

In the familiar atmosphere at Kailua General Store, you will find the friendliness that those in Hawai’i call “Aloha.”  Like the island it is located on (O`ahu),  Kailua General Store is a gathering place for residents and visitors alike.